Double Connection Knot
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This knot is very useful for the beginning or end of any decorative knot. The knot forms an X shaped figure when complete. It is simple to make and does not loosen easily. The more you pull, the tighter it becomes.

Use at least 8 inches of No. 5 thread

View the entire process.

Step 1: Take thread, fold in half, and fasten midpoint with pin. View Step 1

Step 2: Take right strand and slip under the left strand, and flip it up, then bring it down to form a loop. View Step 2

Step 3: Take the right strand again, cross over the loop and thread it under itself and pull straight forming a loose circular knot. View Step 3

Step 4: Now take left strand and tuck under right strand then swing over toward the left and up. View Step 4

Step 5: Take same strand and tuck under lower loop of the knot and pull down. View Step 5

Step 5: Pull the right strand to tighten and the knot is complete. View Step 6

Follow Steps 1 to 4 to complete.

Double Connection Knot
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4