Cross Knot
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This knot is unique in that it looks different from the front and the back. The front looks like a cross, but the back looks like a square. Therefore, sometimes it’s called a Square Knot. This is a relatively simple knot to make. It is frequently combined with other knots. A common application of this knot is to use it to make a fire cracker by repeating the pattern over and over again.

Use two pieces of thread 8-10 inches of No. 5 thread.

View the entire process

Step 1. Lay two strands of thread over each other in the form a cross, the horizontal strand over the vertical. View Step 1

Step 2. Take top of vertical and fold over horizontal to the right forming a loop. View Step 2

Step 3. Take the right strand of the horizontal and fold over the loop. View Step 3

Step 4. Fold left strand of vertical over the loop formed by the horizontal. View Step 4

Step 5. Take upper strand of the horizontal, fold back and insert into the loop. View Step 5

Step 6. Tighten and adjust and the Cross Knot is complete. View Step 6

Follow the arrow in Step 4 and slowly pull
the string in all four directions. Make sure the
strings are not twisting.

Cross Knot
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5 (Front)
Step 5 (Back)
If two strings are used, you can make a round column with both following the same rotation or make a square column with one on one rotation and the other on the opposite rotation.
Step 1
Step 2 (Round)
Step 1
Step 2 (Square)