Snake Knot
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This a relatively simple knot to make and can be used to make bracelets with beads and other objects incorporated into it.

Used several inches of No. 6 thread. For making bracelets, use about 30 inches of thread and about 12 beads. You can use various combinations of knots and beads to form the bracelet.

View the entire process

Step 1. Take thread, fold in half, and fasten midpoint with pin. View Step 1

Step 2. Take right strand and pull under the left strand and flip it up. View Step 2

Step 3. Then bring down looping over itself (similar to the Double Connection Knot) View Step 3

Step 4. Take left strand and fold over to the right and place under the loops (3 strands). View Step 4

Step 5. Pull the left strand over the last strand, then tighten and the Snake Knot is complete. View Step 5

Steps 1-3 may be repeated to form a sequence of Snake Knots.

Snake Knot