How to Use Online Forms

(Print this page and keep it handy while you work on the grant)

You must have Acrobat Reader to view the guidelines.

[Click here to download free version of Acrobat Reader. ]

Application forms were designed in Microsoft Word 2000. You must have WINZIP or a similar zip program to open the folders.

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Forms are fill-in enabled and contain the appropriate number of character spaces for a thorough response to the questions. If you find more space is needed, please attach an additional sheet(s), but be sure name of your organization appears on every page, in upper right hand corner.

Getting Started

When opening a file, if prompted to do so, click Enable Macros. All pages have been designed to be viewed and Printed as 8 x 11 pages. Go to the View Menu, click Page Layout View. This is the best format to work on the forms. Go to the Tools Menu. Here under Options, uncheck all boxes under non-printing characters.


Boxes can be checked by clicking in the square. If you make a mistake, a second click will uncheck the box.

Budget Information:

Budgets were created with content boxes equal to or slightly wider than the width of the numbers you must insert. NO CENTS please, only whole dollars will be accepted in the budget forms.

Budget Totals:

A formula has been added to the boxes for totals at the bottom of the budget form. Thus, the form will add your figures. However, to reach accurate totals, you must have a number in every box, even if that number is zero.

When you are ready for your column total, right click on the shaded area in the box (assuming you have a mouse with right and left buttons). A pop-up menu will contain the words Update field. Click on this and the total will recalculate, automatically.

Text Information:

A sufficient number of spaces have been designed into the form boxes, including the narrative sections. If you find a name or the requested text does not fit, please edit the text or use common abbreviations.

Printing :

Print 9 copies. One is for your organization's files. Submit 8 copies to the Cultural & Heritage Commission, of which ONE MUST HAVE ORIGINAL SIGNATURES. Follow directions for enclosures and support materials as found in the checklist on the signature page.

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