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The Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a public/private partnership, formed through the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. This federal legislation created workforce investment boards throughout the country, to enable the workforce development system to be demand-driven and responsive to the needs of employers and workers. In October 1999, the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders appointed members to the Middlesex County WIB.

The mission of the Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board is to provide the leadership and direction that mobilizes all workforce investment resources to create a workforce system that is built on quality standards, strong interagency collaboration and innovative technology so that every employer and resident has access to and benefits from the workforce programs and services needed to do business and succeed in the workplace.

Resources are leveraged in Middlesex County to create a seamless integrated workforce network that effectively bridges interagency programs and services and capitalizes on technology so that every employer and resident has access to workforce programs and services, to do business and to succeed in the workplace.

Among its many accomplishments, the WIB has

  • Created a menu of Business Services to be offered in the Business Resource Center at the One-Stop Career Center in New Brunswick.
  • Developed Labor Market Information reports to help Middlesex County businesses navigate the current economic and labor environment.
  • Directed the provision of WIA training programs to Middlesex County residents since 2003
  • Provided career exploration and/or training programs through community agencies or educational institutions since 2003.
  • Sponsored Youth Career Awareness Days at high schools throughout Middlesex County.
  • Created and distributed Youth Pocket Resumes to students creating their first resumes, Youth Yellow Pages, and established a youth career website.

The Middlesex County WIB was also the first in the state to form a permanent Literacy Committee. Under the auspices of the WIB, and with the generous support of the County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the Middlesex County Community Learning Center opened its doors in February 2003, to provide literacy services to all county residents. Due to funding cuts in 2012, the Community Learning Center had to close.

Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board Members (Adobe PDF)

WIB Meeting Minutes

To obtain copies of meeting minutes from previous dates, please contact the WIB office at 732-745-3601. For WIB meeting schedule and location, click CALENDAR tab above.


WIB Committees

By Laws / Membership Committee: Reviews by-laws, as needed, but minimally shall review them on an annual basis.  Shall serve as the committee to present, on an annual basis, a slate of officers for the Board’s consideration.  Reviews and recommends appointment(s) to the WIB and Youth Investment Council.

Literacy Committee: Identifies and analyzes local resources, programs and services and recommends ways to improve the quantity, quality and delivery of literacy programs.  Work to achieve a more literate adult community who are therefore, more productive members of the workforce.  To be a resource for the literacy provider community and the business community so that better literacy services are available to county residents and so that employers may have access to a more literate workforce.
Membership (pdf)

Minutes (pdf): 3/13/12; 6/5/12; 9/11/12; 12/11/12; 3/12/13; 6/11/13; 9/10/13; 1/7/14; 3/4/14
Goals (pdf)

Planning / Resource Committee: Identify and prioritize community needs and labor market information for action by the Workforce Investment Board.  Identify potential strategies and initiatives to address workforce issues, as needed.  Reviews and modifies the Five Year Workforce Strategic Plan.  Identifies and analyzes gaps in resources/services.  Reviews funding requests for WIA adult and dislocated worker programs and recommends funding to WIB. 

Membership (pdfl)
Minutes (pdf): 1/10/12; 9/5/12; 6/20/13

One-Stop Operations/Work First Collaborative Committee: Responsible for one-stop operations and the workforce investment system to ensure coordination between workforce programs and services.
Membership (pdf)
Minutes (pdf): 3/29/12; 6/28/12; 9/27/12; 12/6/12; 3/28/13; 6/27/13; 9/26/13; 12/5/13; 3/27/14

Youth Investment Council: Provides expertise in planning, policy development and oversight of youth employment and training services and to increase the knowledge and access of youth to employment opportunities and workforce programs and services.  Plans youth workforce activities and designs a comprehensive year-round system which is coordinated with other organizations serving youth.
Membership (pdf)

Minutes (pdf): 2/6/12; 5/1/12; 8/6/12; 11/28/12; 2/5/13; 5/7/13; 8/6/13; 11/7/13; 2/25/14; 5/6/14
Goals (pdf)

One-Stop Disability Committee:  The mission of the Disabilities Committee is to make recommendations to the One-Stop in order to ensure that all services of the One-Stop are fully accessible to people with disabilities.  Accessibility includes physical accessibility, along with attitudinal and procedural accessibility, and people with disabilities include physical, mental and learning disabilities. 
Membership (MS Excel)

Minutes (pdf): 3/13/12; 6/12/12; 2/7/13; 3/7/13; 5/2/13; 10/3/13; 11/6/13; 12/5/13; 1/9/14; 2/6/14; 5/1/14

Business Outreach Committee:  To enable the residents of Middlesex County to obtain self-sufficient employment and to enable business establishments in Middlesex County to have the skilled workforce essential to growth and profitability.  The Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board's Business Outreach Committee will focus on implementing the Business Outreach Strategy adopted on January 27, 2011.
Membership (pdf)
Minutes (pdf): 1/5/12; 4/5/12 ;7/12/12 ; 10/4/12 ; 1/10/13; 4/4/13; 7/11/13; 10/10/13
Goals (pdf)