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Permit - To obtain a permit the applicant must submit to this office plans on the scope of their project. These plans must be certified by an engineer. A certificate of insurance must also be submitted naming the County as an additional insured. Fees to be paid according to the scope of the project. The applicant must notify the Permit Clerk on the commencement of the project and also the completion so our inspectors have the opportunity to ensure that the job has been completed according to County specifications. (County Specifications, Trench Repair and Road Construction, will be issued with permit application.).

To download County Specifications, click on the links below:

Some County Specifications are in Adobe Acrobat PDF file Format, which requires a PDF Viewer which is available FREE by clicking here:

Highways and Bridges Cover Page
Table of Contents
Road Opening Regulations
Bore Operations
Application for Access into County Right of Way
Construction Notice

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