For immediate release by:
David A. Papi, Director-Health Officer
Middlesex County Public Health Department
August 5, 2010  
John Dowd, HERC
Middlesex County Public Health Department


Middlesex County Public Health Department Educates Residents about Bed Bugs

 Due to the recent reports of bed bugs in New York City and throughout the country, the Middlesex County Public Health Department has reproduced fact sheets and distributed them within our local municipalities.

The department is currently distributing 12,000 fact sheets in both English and Spanish.  These fact sheets can be obtained by going to your local municipal government office, local health department, library, or senior center.  Also, fact sheets can be found on the County Web site at

Middlesex County Public Health Department Director-Health Officer David A. Papi will appear with Mayor Wilda Diaz on a special taping of the topic to be aired on channel 34 (Comcast) and 47 (Verizon) for the residents of Perth Amboy. 

"School will be in session soon, so we are making every effort to prevent the spread of bed bugs now. We will be reaching out to the school system to inform parents and children on how to protect their families from these bugs entering their homes. Please stay tuned for the airing of the recording to learn more," said Mayor Wilda Diaz.

Papi stated: “It is important to inform and educate residents about what bed bugs are and how they can be controlled. It will take a community effort: Home owners, business owners, landlords, property managers and tenants will need to take a proactive approach on prevention and control in order to successfully eliminate them.” 
Papi said: “Bed bugs are insects that are normally found hiding in cracks and crevices near sleeping areas during the day and come out to feed on humans at night. They are frequently found in dwellings with a high rate of occupant turnover, such as hotels, motels, apartment complexes. Bed bugs are wingless, oval shaped, appear to be flat, reddish-brown in color, and adults are about one-quarter of an inch in length.”

 “An infestation of bed bugs does not mean your dwelling is not clean or sanitary. They can be brought into your home by hitching a ride on clothing or luggage. It is strongly recommended that treatments for bed bug infestations be conducted by a licensed New Jersey pesticide applicator,” said Papi.

 “Although bed bugs are not known to transmit disease or illness, the bites can cause itching and small lesions. Constant scratching of these bites may result in a secondary infection.  Persons should consult a physician if they think they may have been bitten by bed bugs,” said Papi.

To prevent a bed bug infestation it is important to perform the following actions: