Middlesex County Freeholder Director Christopher D. Rafano

Middlesex County (NJ) Prepares for Impending Storm;
Urges Residents to Stay Informed


OCTOBER 26, 2012 – With a massive storm threatening the area, Middlesex County Freeholder Director Christopher D. Rafano is instructing residents who need to receive updates on County services or programs that may be impacted during the predicted storm to tune in to WCTC 1450AM or New Jersey 101.5 FM.

“If a resident has an emergency, they should immediately dial 9-1-1,” said the Freeholder Director. “If they are inquiring whether specific County operations are impacted they should listen to WCTC or New Jersey 101.5.” 

Beginning Monday, residents who call the County’s main telephone line at 732-745-3000 will hear a recorded message with service updates. Residents also may visit the County Web site at for storm updates.

Experts expect the storm to hit the area early Monday morning, bringing sustained high winds, rain and possibly snow through Tuesday.

County officials are coordinating with local municipalities and with the State of New Jersey for overall response to the storm system.

The County’s Emergency Operations Center will be staffed with 24-hour coverage throughout the duration of storm.

County officials have identified resources and are ready to activate sheltering plans, should they be needed.

With a major storm predicted to hit our area, Rafano also is urging residents to prepare to protect their family’s health and safety.

“Middlesex County has extensive preparedness plans for health emergencies of all causes including natural disasters related to hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions,’’ he said.  “Everyone should ensure that they and their families are prepared for all emergencies.  Simple preparedness measures can translate into significant protection of health, especially for vulnerable populations like the elderly and those with chronic diseases.”

“As always, the best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens, and we encourage all of residents to be ready in the event the storm brings extensive damage to our County,” Rafano said.

It is recommended that residents take the following steps to prepare for the predicted storms and its aftermath:

  • Know your town's evacuation routes.
  • Store flashlights (with batteries), candles and a transistor radio (with batteries).
  • Designate a meeting place for your family during an emergency.
  • Have emergency contact numbers easily accessible.
  • Make sure that you have at least a 3-5 day supply of non-perishable food and water.
  • Make sure your plans include family pets.
  • Include prescription medications, baby supplies and any additional items for special medical needs.
  • Place an emergency kit in your car.
  • Make sure you have a cellphone car charger.

Middlesex County is coordinating preparedness efforts closely with federal and state agencies. Residents should monitor local radio and television stations for weather conditions and emergency updates and should visit the websites below for more detailed information: