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February 16, 2001








FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Freeholder Christopher D. Rafano at (732) 257-2200 or (732) 254-7322



Freeholder Christopher D. Rafano, Chairman, Law and Public Safety Committee, today announced the unveiling of the Middlesex County Integrated Law Enforcement System. Rafano said, "I am pleased to announce that the new, state-of-the-art, electronic Integrated Law Enforcement System is ready to go online. Effective, Tuesday, February 20th, 2001, the Prosecutor's Office will start using the system and the Sheriff's module is scheduled to go live on March 8th, 2001." Rafano continued, "This system will provide the capability to retrieve, collect, and distribute critical law enforcement data and information to the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office, Sheriff's Office, and any other municipal law enforcement agencies that desire to access this system. This system uses leading edge technologies and was developed with the collective effort of representatives from the Sheriff's Office, the Fugitive and Task Force Divisions of the Prosecutor's Office, and the Information Technology Department."

Rafano also said, "One of the key benefits of this law enforcement system will be the multi-jurisdiction capability that allows seamless connectivity to a central database containing a multitude of essential law enforcement data and information. This data will now be available to be shared among County and local law enforcement agencies. All municipalities within Middlesex County can now choose to become part of this system without the needless expense of creating local, redundant systems. Agencies can, at the touch of a button, obtain data and reports concerning fugitives, incidents, names, aliases, warrants and digital mug shots. This capability will allow law enforcement personnel to efficiently and safely carry out their duty to protect the public."

Rafano concluded, "One of the most important aspects of law enforcement is information management. Prior to the implementation of this project, the problem was not lack of information, but too much uncoordinated and fragmented information. This project uses secure communication and data access technology to connect law enforcement agencies to one another so that they can share the information, sort, collect and relate criminal data to manage scarce resources efficiently to prevent and solve crimes."