Middlesex Alert Plan

Once again Middlesex County is first in NewJersey !

The county has unveiled a plan to alert the public of danger and/or ask for public assistance in an incident that could be limited to a given town or neighborhood therein.

The program called Middlesex Alert Plan, (MAP), is a local or community version of the nationwide Amber Alert System and was innovated by Freeholder H. James Polos, who chairs the county department of Highways and Bridges.

It was immediately endorsed by the County Association of Chiefs of Police and fellow Freeholder Christopher Rafano, who chairs the department of law and public safety and County Prosecutor Bruce  Kaplan, as a dynamic means of quickly spreading word to a community and  motorists traveling through it, as a perfect blend of modern mobility,  technology and communication. 

The program, now operational, is triggered by the office of Prosecutor  Kaplan and then directed to the police departments in the area of the  incident and at the same time, WCTC Radio and its FM affiliate WMGQ will  broadcast every (20) minutes details of the incident and in the same  time period, the county Department of Highways and Bridges will expedite  electronic and stationary signs to the location. This event may range  from a missing child or the disappearance of an adult on medication to  an act of felony including a hit and run incident.  

Freeholder Rafano observed that the program "was another step in the expansion of the county's safety programs for the welfare and protection of its citizens. It's vital," added Rafano, "for agencies charged with public safety to work more closely together in these tenuous times."

South Plainfield Chief of Police Robert Merkler observed that this  initiative by Freeholder Polos is a marriage of the media, community and  law enforcement in heightening the flow of information and becoming  partners in the sphere of public safety and awareness.