Freeholder Camille Fernicola
Announces New Paint Program Drop-Off Location In Old Bridge

On behalf of the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders and in conjunction with the countywide recycling initiatives of the Middlesex County Improvement Authority and our County Division of Solid Waste Management, I am pleased to announce the opening of a new Paint Program Drop-off location. Beginning on Saturday, April 14th and thereafter, on the second Saturday of each month, Middlesex County's ninth Paint Drop-off Program location will open at the Old Bridge Department of Public Works facility, off Route 516, Old Bridge. This site, along with the other eight locations currently in operation, will be available for County residents to deliver their unused/unwanted paint and paint related items. The hours of operation will be 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Since the inception of the County's Paint Drop-off Program in May, 1997 over 13,500 Middlesex County residents have delivered in excess of 190,000 paint items weighing over 1,145,000 pounds. The Program is responsible for diverting these paint products from being improperly disposed, protecting our environment and conserving our valuable landfill space. The Paint Drop-off Program has received three awards from County, State and National associations.

We wish to thank Mayor Barbara Cannon, the Old Bridge Municipal Council and the Old Bridge Department of Public Works for their support and acceptance of this Program, which provides a valuable service and has proven to be a convenience and benefit to the residents of Middlesex County.

Further information can be obtained by calling our Division of Solid Waste Management at 732-745-4170.