Christopher D. Rafano


September 4, 2002

John Pulomena

Chairman of the Law and Public Safety Committee of the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Freeholder Christopher D. Rafano, today announced an agreement between Middlesex County College and the Middlesex County Fire Training Academy. Rafano said, "I am happy to announce that the Middlesex County Fire Academy and the Middlesex County College (MCCA) have reached an agreement, pursuant to which any fire academy student who has passed and been certified in the Firefighter I course will receive 3 credits for the FSC103 (introduction to Fire Sciences) course upon passage of the MCC final exam.

Similarly, Fire Academy students who pass and are certified as Fire Inspectors will receive 3 credits for FSC212 (Fire Prevention and Inspection) upon passage of that MCC examination."

Chairman of the Public Health and Education Committee of the Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, Freeholder John Pulomena, added, "Middlesex County College is presently reviewing other Fire Academy courses and it is possible that similar credits will be awarded for additional Fire Academy training in the future."

Freeholder Rafano added, "The Fire Academy will administer exams for the FSC 103 And FSC212 courses twice each year, in June and December, and the MCC will make syllabi, course outlines, and requirements, such as homework assignments to help students prepare for the examinations. MCC would waive the credit-by-exam fees for students taking these exams at the Fire Academy.

Those of us who are associated with the Fire Academy are extremely proud that the quality of training offered there has been viewed to be college credit level material."

Freeholder Pulomena stated, "We are also extremely pleased that we are able to help Fire Academy students get a head start in obtaining Fire Science Program college credits from MCC. This is a wonderful opportunity and I hope that many of our Middlesex County Firefighters will take advantage of this valuable opportunity."

Freeholder Rafano concluded, "This is a real honor for the Middlesex County Fire Training Academy and its instructors. I have long believed that the Middlesex County Fire Training Academy set the standard in fire training throughout the State and this recognition by Middlesex County College of the quality of our fire training only serves to strengthen that belief.

Our Middlesex County firefighters risk their lives everyday to keep us safe in our homes and I am pleased that, through this agreement, we will, in some small way, be able to thank them for their dedication and sacrifice."