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In 2006, the late Middlesex County Freeholder Director, David B. Crabiel, announced the formation of the Middlesex County Conservation Corps to “to protect and preserve our natural areas from misuse, polluters and the forces of nature.”  

Since the inception of the Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund in 1995, Middlesex County has preserved 7,000 acres of open space throughout Middlesex County.  

Look deep into nature, and then you will  understand everything better.  ~Albert Einstein                                                                                      

  “To fulfill the responsibility as stewards of these lands, the Middlesex County Conservation Corps is charged with the care and management of them, by performing projects that maintain and improve the quality of the open space and allow public access,” said Crabiel, who first introduced the initiative in his Director’s message in January 2006.                  



Young people, when informed and empowered - when they realize that what they do truly makes a difference can indeed change the world.
 ~ Jane Goodall





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Photo Gallery

View current and past pictures of our work in Open Space.





Youth Conservation Corps

Who we are

The Middlesex County Youth Conservation Corps is a team of individuals, ages 16 and up, who carry out various projects in the County’s Open Space land parcels. They are hired on a seasonal basis – Spring, Summer, Fall – to ensure that the maximum number of citizens are exposed to environmental management practices. The crews are diverse and come from different backgrounds and varied experience.

What we do

The Middlesex County Youth Conservation Corps focuses on three main areas of work:

  1. Trash/Dumping clean-up, debris, brush removal.
  2. Existing trail maintenance and new trail construction.
  3. Habitat restoration, which includes pulling invasive species and reforestation.

All training is provided as the work progresses. Our efforts are strong and the results rewarding!

Where we work

The Open Space parcels that the Middlesex County Youth Conservation Corps works on are located throughout the county. Currently, the largest parcels are in Monroe Township, East Brunswick, and Old Bridge.


 Fall 2014 Crew Members Wanted




Why volunteer?

With today’s busy schedules and hectic lifestyles, taking time out to do things for “free” is often a low priority. Nevertheless, volunteering in your community is not only fun, it also offers many benefits as an exchange for your hard work. Breathing fresh air, exploring nature, meeting new neighbors, getting exercise, learning various skills, and knowing that you have made difference are all positive outcomes of volunteering with the Middlesex County Conservation Corps. Volunteering is an ideal opportunity to be selfless while discovering yourself at the same time.

Volunteering with YCC

In the spring and fall, we offer three main volunteer events to which we invite the community to come help out. Volunteers can also join the crew during regular workdays on Saturdays in the spring and fall, and Monday through Friday during the summer. The dates and times are flexible.

Other volunteer work continues year-round with several different opportunities that may include plant and animal inventories, trail monitoring, invasive plant removal and native plant restoration, trash clean-ups and more. We can also arrange special projects for groups. Past projects have included trail work, tree planting, beach sweeps, and help with conservation and recreation efforts on Earth Day and National Trails Day.

No particular skills are required. However, volunteer candidates should have an interest in and enjoyment of being outdoors.
Volunteering is open to everyone willing get out into nature, get dirty, and get it done!

Fall 2014 Volunteer Events
(Adobe PDF)

Let’s Begin

Download, fill out, and mail the volunteer application and release form to:

Scott Meyler
Conservation Corps Coordinator
PO Box 661
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Fax (732) 745-4592


Forward questions/comments to:
(732) 745-3064



Photo Gallery

View current and past pictures of our work in Open Space.



Tamarack Hollow Preserve in the winter.



The Youth Conservation Corps clears out invasive species and brush.



Volunteers battle the rain to plant trees in Phillips Preserve.



A sandy trail winds its way through the John A. Phillips Preserve pine barrens.



Crew members work on a bird blind in Jamesburg Conservation Area.




A team builds a small bridge.



Conservation Corps members paint trail blazes at John A. Phillips Preserve.