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The John A. Phillips Open Space Preserve

Location: Pleasant Valley Road, Old Bridge
Acreage: 1728 Acres
Facilities: None - Conservation Area

John A. Phillips Preserve Trail Map (Adobe PDF)

This is the largest contiguous holding the County's park system. The park is situated in the southeastern area of the County. It is located on the southbound side of Route 18 between Maple Street and Marlboro Road and extends to Old Bridge-Englishtown Road (County Road 527). The southeastern boundary is along Texas Road.

The preserve includes 1,051 acres of wetlands and 677 acres of uplands, incorporating heavily forested areas.

Several stream corridors run through the area, including the Iresick Brook and a tributary of the Barclay Brook. Both of these streams enter the Matchaponix Brook, a major tributary of the South River. This open space also provides water quality protection for the South River and groundwater supply recharge serving the Duhernal Water System well fields located downstream along the Matchaponix Brook.