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Draft Middlesex County Transportation Plan Update – New Horizons in Mobility


The update of the Middlesex County Transportation Plan is being prepared by the Middlesex County Office of Planning, Transportation Division as part of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority’s  Subregional  Studies Program with funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  We welcome the input of the general public and all interested parties in the finalization of the Draft Plan. When complete, the updated County Transportation Plan, New Horizons in Mobility, will serve as the transportation element of the Middlesex County Comprehensive Master Plan.


Cover Page, Credits, Table of Contents

Chapter Six Land Use and Transportation

Executive Summary

Chapter Seven:  North Jersey Transportation Demand Forecasting Model

Chapter One: Goals, Objectives, Policies, and Priorities

Chapter Eight Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Chapter Two: Demographic and Economic Profile (42 MB)

Chapter Nine:  Ongoing Transportation Improvement Strategies

Chapter Three:  Existing Transportation Resources (38 MB)

Chapter Ten Funding Alternatives for Transportation Infrastructure and Services

Chapter Four:  Existing Transportation Resources

Draft Middlesex County Transportation Plan Element (Single PDF file; 104 MB)

Chapter Five System Performance & Problem Areas (22 MB)