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Security officers charged with theft of parking fees


††††††††† Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce J. Kaplan and New Brunswick Police Director Peter Mangarella announced today that four security officers have been arrested and charged with stealing nearly $3,000 in parking fees from the New Brunswick Parking Authority.


The four, all employees of the city parking authority, were arrested and charged following an investigation by Detective Amish Shah of the New Brunswick Police Department and Lt. Daniel Del Bagno and Investigator Donald Heck, both of the Middlesex County Prosecutorís Office. The investigation is continuing.


The investigation began after information developed by the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation was handed over to local authorities by Alan A. Rockoff, executive director of the SCI.


During the investigation, it was determined that the four officers were assigned to watch over automated payment machines during their 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. shifts and assist customers as they paid to park at the Ferren and Lower Church Street decks in New Brunswick.


The investigation further determined that between May 13, 2010, and May 15, 2010, the security officers took nearly $3,000 from customers and kept the proceeds which should have been deposited in the automatic payment machines.


Thevio Eliscar (DOB 8/13/80) of New Brunswick was arrested on June 25, 2010, on charges of official misconduct; theft of more than $500; computer theft for using the parking authority payment machines to steal approximately $1,200, and tampering with public records by disabling a security camera before stealing the parking payments.


Bail for Eliscar has been set at $100,000. He must post the full amount before he can be released from custody.


Also arrested and charged were Hicham Saadi (DOB 4/10/71) of New Brunswick and Emil Hanna (DOB 3/23/55) and Emad Naguib, (DOB 9/14/62) both of Old Bridge.


They were each charged with official misconduct, theft, and computer theft for using the payment machines to take cash from the parking authority.


The investigation determined that Saadi took $534. He was arrested on June 16, 2010, on the theft and computer theft charges and then was arrested again on June 17, 2010, on the official misconduct count.


Naguib was charged with taking $507.75, and Hanna was charged with taking $744. Both men were arrested and charged on June 23, 2010.


Bail on Hanna and Naguib was set at $75,000 each and bail for Saadi was set at $85,000. They have posted the full amounts and remain free pending further court action.


As is the case with all criminal defendants, the charges against Eliscar, Saadi, Hanna and Naguib are merely accusations and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.