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The Crime Scene Response Unit provides the Prosecutor's Office with a number of different services designed to achieve the successful prosecution of criminals. Chief among these is the investigation of homicide scenes. The Prosecutor's Office is charged as the primary investigative agency in the instance of homicide. With a defendant's potential exposure to the death penalty, great care and diligence must be taken to ensure that all aspects of evidence examination are pursued and that full exploitation of all of the
information that a crime scene has to offer are discovered and recorded.

To these ends, highly trained and expert crime scene investigators staff the Crime Scene Response Unit. In fact, once an investigator is assigned to the Unit, it is extremely rare for him to be re-assigned anywhere else. This allows the investigator to develop an expertise based on many years of active field and lab work. A lot of training is invested in these officers who are charged with the responsibility of preserving, recording, collecting and preparing all evidence for forensic and scientific analysis. Ultimately, they must be able to testify in court as experts and ensure that their efforts stand up to the rigorous scrutiny of the defense.

In addition to conducting crime scene investigations and providing crime scene support for the other investigative units of the Prosecutor's Office, the Unit assists the prosecutorial staff with courtroom presentations. One of the jobs of a prosecutor is to re-create the crime in the courtroom so that the jury can understand exactly what happened and how to apply the law to that set of circumstances. This is done through witness testimony and the presentation of physical evidence, photographs, charts, diagrams, maps and PowerPoint presentations. The Unit is the primary source for many, if not most of these presentation aids.

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