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The Sheriff's Department is required by law to photograph and fingerprint any person who is arrested for an indictable offense. This must be done at the time of the arrest in accordance with procedures established by New Jersey's State Police Superintendent. Specific forms must be used and copies of these records must be forwarded to the State Bureau of Identification. At the present time there are thousands of criminal histories and fingerprint records on file in the A Sheriff's Identification Section. These records are also saved on microfilm to preserve them for the future.

This section will create photo line-ups and mug-shot books for the victims of crimes upon request from various police agencies. Pictures are selected from our extensive files which contain over 100,000 slides of individuals who have been arrested for committing crimes. The Identification Section distributes criminal records to other law enforcement and justice agencies. Enlargements of fingerprints and other evidence are made to be used at criminal trials for courtroom testimony. Crime scene investigation, laboratory work and evidence processing is conducted by the I.D. Section.