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- (also known as Personal Representative) Person appointed by the court to manage and distribute the estate of a person who dies without a Will.
BENEFICIARY - Person named to receive property or benefits.
BEQUEATH - Gift or personal property by Will.
CODICIL -An addition or supplement made to delete or add provisions of a Will.
DECEDENT - A deceased person
DEVISE - Gift of real estate by Will.
ESTATE - Everything a person owns, all real and personal property.
EXECUTOR (also known as Personal Representative) - A person or institution named in the Will to carry out the provisions and directions of the Will.

INTESTATE - When a person dies without a valid Will.
PERSONAL PROPERTY - Intangible property; such as stocks, bonds, or bank accounts; and tangible property such as furniture, automobile, jewelry.
PROBATE - Official proof of the validity of a Will.

REAL PROPERTY - Land and buildings
TENANTS IN COMMON - Two or more persons owning individual interests in property.
TESTATOR - The person who makes a Will.
TRUST - Property owned and managed by one person for the benefit of another

TRUSTEE - Person or institution holding property in trust.
WILL - A legal declaration of the manner in which a person wishes his estate divided after death.
WITNESS - Person who observes the signing of a Will and also attests to the signatures.