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Pursuant To The Open Public Meetings Act, notice is hereby given that the Middlesex County Board of Taxation will meet the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 AM., unless otherwise noted, at the Board Office, which is located at 75 Bayard Street, Basement Level, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

     2014 / 2015 Meeting Schedule
     June 19th                              Thursday                     Monthly Board Meeting

     July 17th                              Thursday                     Ratification of Appeal Judgments

    August 15th                           Friday                          Farmland Rollback Hearings

    September 11th                     Thursday                     Ratification of Farmland Rollback Judgments

    October 16th                         Thursday                     Monthly Board Meeting

    November 20th                     Thursday                     Monthly Board Meeting
    December 19th                      Friday                          Added/Omitted Hearings

    December 22nd                     Monday                       Board Meeting Ratification of A/O Judgments
    January 15th                          Thursday                     Monthly Board Meeting

    February 19th                        Thursday                     Introduction of Preliminary Equalization Table

    March 12th                            Thursday                     Approval of Final Equalization Table 

    April 16th                              Thursday                     Monthly Board Meeting

    May 1st                                 Friday                          Reorganization Meeting